October 1, 2023

blankMonday was a quiet day at the ranch. Spent the day doing chores and hanging out with the animals. Picked up feed from the feed store.

Tuesday was another quiet day at the ranch, Karen was out here helping with chores. The Provincial Vet showed up for their quarterly check, we showed them around as we always do.

Wednesday Tamara and Tracey came out to do chores, I headed out to Elva, MB and North of Carberry. I delivered Belle to her new home and picked up four ponies. Their owner was no longer able to care for them so we took them in to get farrier care, vetted and then out for adoption. Didn’t get home until after 10, put the ponies in their isolation pen and they seem to be settling in well.

Thursday I went into Winnipeg to pick up three female turkeys and two Polish roosters for the petting zoo. Came home and made a shelter for the new ponies since it was a rainy day. Chance was picked up to go to his new home today as well. He will be missed.

blankFriday was a quiet day at the ranch, spent lots of time doing chores and hanging out with the animals. 

Saturday we had Jake, Hayley, Tamara, Alyssa, Janna and Annaleise out to do some deworming. We still have one herd we have been unable to get into the pen and get done, other than that we are done. I spent some time cleaning up the yard and trying to get some things ready for winter. We also had our 50/50 draw and announced the winner. We would like to thank everyone for their support for this fundraiser.

blankSunday my Dad passed away very early this morning. He was a tough old cowboy who taught me my love for horses. He was 92 years old, he was ready to go, my Dad never wanted to be dependent on anyone. My Dad’s name was Leroy, he had pneumonia and his body started shutting down after that. Today, we found Leroy the horse down as well. We called Dr. Neil and Leroy had pneumonia, we had to put him down. I feel like Leroy needed to go with my Dad to be his horse in the sky. We are so saddened by the loss of both of these beautiful souls. We also had something very happy happen today. We had three beautiful horses go to their forever home today. Hershey, Athena and Sanchez were all adopted together! We are so pleased for all three of them, we know they will have great lives. While Dr. Neil was here, we had him check out Opal’s eye injury, she got some heavy antibiotics and Tracey and I cleaned it out. I want to thank Tracey, Sean, Tamsen, Natalia and Dr. Neil for all their support today.

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