December 24, 2023

Monday was a good day, I got up and made the puppies some food with dog food, softened with milk and warmed up in the microwave. The puppies chowed down on it really good. They are eating kibble and drinking water like champs already, they are also doing pretty good with peeing and pooing on the newspaper. After that I went out to do the rest of the chores, checked on the new horses and everyone seems to be settling in well. Jake came by just as I was finishing mash and helped out. We had a couple people come in to look at the new horses that just arrived already. I went to town to pick up puppy food while Jake showed them the horses. Today Apollo, the stallion has hopped in with Joey and Phoenix and then in the main corral with the other new horses. We brought him back in his pen every time and built up the walls a little higher, hopefully, that bugger stays in there now. There has already been quite a bit of interest in both the weanlings and the puppies, but no one has really committed to anything yet. Sooooo many puppy snuggles and kisses today!

Tuesday I got up and did chores, as per usual, Apollo, who is a master jumper had put himself in another pen with Joey and Phoenix, thankfully they are both boys. I spent some time stallion-proofing the pen I had him in and setting him up with a water trough and hay, he seems to have settled in there nicely now, hopefully he stays there. I went to town to pick up feed and pick up Jake. We did mash and had a family come over to look at the puppies, sounds like they may be interested in one.  Then we did some musical horses, I am very excited that some of our horses have gained so much weight they no longer require special feed. We moved them to the main pasture and brought in some of the thinner ones from there. In the process, Mojo and Millie (our bottle baby calves from two years ago), got into the small pasture. Jake and I went and grabbed four packs of hamburger buns because I assumed it was going to be an effort to get them back in the other pasture with all the horses there. NOPE! As soon as they heard Jake open his pack of buns they came running, we just opened the gate and they were in. We then fed the buns anyway of course. Mojo decided to take the whole pack out of my hands, bag and all. I had to reach down his throat to get the bag out with two buns still in it. What a guy!

Wednesday I got up and did chores, the lovely and talented Dynamo managed to get stuck on the fence. Half of him on one side and half of him on the other. Unfortunately, he is still not crazy about us humans, so I got as close to him as I could and cut the wires. He immediately stepped gingerly over it, unscathed. It seems like we have the lovely Apollo respecting his space now and staying put which is amazing. I was also able to catch Angel and Casanova both and get them back into the corral, both of them seem to have limited sight and I don’t like the thought of either of them trying to find their way around in the pasture. Casanova loves when I lower my voice and talk to him in soothing tones. I can visually see him relax, it’s a beautiful thing. After chores, Robyn and Dr. Neil came by to see Whisper and give her a Coggins Test. Robyn is going to foster her so she wanted that test done, we have a week to wait for the results and that means no intake for a week until they come in. Jake came by and cleaned out the puppy pen for them and set up some toys and He, Robyn and I got tons of puppy snuggles. We also got our first egg from our big birdhouse today.

Thursday there was lots of help at the ranch, Karen, Leah and Tracey were out to help with chores. Leah has been at home with Covid for quite a bit so it was great to see her. Tracey did a heck of a job doing some cleanup of the garage. Sam came out and brought us some straw for our shelters, it was beautiful day outside. We got the chores done in time for me to go to the city and spend some time with my grandbabies who wanted to have a birthday party for grandma, plus I got a beautiful makeover. I stayed there until they went to bed, it was a really great day. Then home in time to make the evening meal for the puppies and then puppy cuddles before bed.

Friday I got up and did chores as per usual. Got some stall dry sprinkled around so we aren’t skating across the ranch every day. It was hay day again so we got that all situated and fed the puppies, we found out our little Annie is actually a little boy and Ace is a little girl so we have to swap their names. I need to stop taking people’s word for things on surrender lol I got to really love up on Loki today and even Domino a little bit, so that was nice. In the evening I had to go out and cut the puppies’ nails, all of them felt like little razor blades. Other than that it was a pretty quiet day at the ranch. 

Saturday was a quick day at the Ranch as the Christmas celebrations start today. Jake came out and helped me get the chores done really fast, got in some puppy snuggles and then off to the hub’s family for the first Christmas dinner. Afterward, we came home and had some more puppy snuggles before bed. No shenanigans today.

Sunday, I cannot believe this weather! It is Christmas Eve and it’s plus one outside. There are puddles everywhere in town, not so much here. I did the chores as usual, hubby was home so he helped with the waters and filled them up for me while I cleaned the chicken coop! YES, today was the day I got to let the birds out of the coop and clean it out. It is all clean and full of fresh straw, I have gotten only three eggs out of there so far, but I’m okay with that. I think it means they are getting comfortable in there and recognizing it as their home. I did catch little Germaine, the goat, coming out of there when I walked away for a few minutes. I hope the goats don’t decide it’s home or I’ll have to make the chicken door smaller. 

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