December 10, 2023

Monday I got up and did chores, was done chores, meds and mash by 2:00pm which is amazing. Someone had let all the chickens out of the chicken coop, so I guess we are starting from scratch with that. I noticed one of the little muscovy ducks was shivering and wet, so I picked him up and warmed his little feet and snuggled him for a bit, then I caught them all and put them in the chicken coop, they can stay in there until they get a little bigger. Then momma and all the baby chicks hopped in so I locked them in so they can keep warm. A delivery driver came here with our 2024 calendars and Ruby, my daughter’s very friendly dog, jumped into his vehicle. The guy totally freaked out and was trying to get as far away from her as possible, his van was rolling and I was trying to get her out of the van and him to press the brake, iyiyiyi I had a job interview at 2:30 and the bale guy hadn’t shown up yet so I had to put out an SOS to the volunteers to see if someone could come open gates for him during my interview. I let him into the big pasture and then went for my meeting, thankfully Maureen was able to get here very quickly and help while I was in the interview. When she was opening the gate for the bale guy Mojo went into the small pasture and Maureen felt pretty bad about it, I said don’t worry we’ll get him in later. When the bale guy left I grabbed a pack of hamburger buns and walked into the small pasture and called Mojo, holding up ap hamburger bun in the air. He came running so fast, he almost ran me over. EZPZ, back in the big pasture. What a gong show, must be Monday lol

Tuesday I did chores, Tracey and Robyn came to do hoof trimming, and Jake came after school to help as well. Cassanova, Felix and Betsy all got their hooves done today, they look great! I went to town and picked up some feed and envelopes to mail out the calendars, they turned out even better than I thought they would. More birds seem to be finding the giant birdhouse so that’s awesome. I spent some time chasing the momma call duck around today because I wanted to get her in their with her babies, she looked kind of lost out there by herself. Once all the chores and hoof trimming were finished, I came in the house and got the calendars all ready to mail out. Something happened to my phone today too and I can only see about a third of the screen.

Wednesday I did chores and headed out to try and get my phone fixed, ended up taking a fair bit of time. Talked to a couple of people about a few animals that may be coming in on the weekend, one is a thoroughbred and the other is a hen, she is the only one left of her brood and she’s lonely and needs some friends.  I had another job interview so fingers crossed. I wrote out about a hundred Christmas cards as well and got them ready to send out. If you don’t get one, it’s only because I don’t have your address. 

Thursday I can’t believe I managed to get up without my phone to wake me up, but I did. I went out and did chores. I had to run to town to get some cash for the hay guy and while I was gone Nancy came out to see her Blue. She shut off the waters for me because of course they were overflowing while I was gone. I cannot believe it is December 7th and plus 7 with no snow! I got ready to go to the city to pick up my phone and Tracey was in the front yard. While I made my trip (my phone wasn’t even ready) Tracey made mash and finished up the waters. I got home from my wasted trip and we fed out mash and did meds together. I managed to get knocked down by Flash, not sure what the heck was going on behind me but it wasn’t too bad. I talked to Blackbird and the lady who had the Thoroughbred and it looks like Blackbird will be taking this guy, so it will only be the hen coming in on Sunday. I sent out all the Christmas cards today as well. I then went out and caught Joey and Phoenix and brought them into the new pen. These guys are pretty sensitive and easily pushed away from the food so now they can have their own pen where they don’t have to worry about it.

Friday I woke up and did chores and then went into the city to pick up my phone (Yay!). I went to take my daughter her baby clothes and Sophie gave me that “please Gramma, me come ta you house!” thing and then, of course, she came to my house. So I spent some time with her, that kid is such a joy to be around. When I went to drop her off in the evening, her little brother Rowan was up, he is such a cute little bugger too. In the evening I came home and did some work on the computer for the rescue. It is pretty blustery outside, so I guess we are finally getting winter after all.

Saturday I picked Jake up and we did chores together. After chores, we went to work catching the chickens and putting them back in the chicken coop. We have them locked in there again so hopefully they don’t get let out again. I spent a fair bit of time carrying around one of our muscovy ducks in my jacket, he isn’t doing very well and I was hoping if I warmed him up he would do better, sadly I’m not sure this little guy is going to make it. We had a gentleman show up with a donation of halters, horse clippers, and some fencing stuff, we always appreciate stuff like that. We caught Stormy and PJ and got some blankies on them and fed them some food outside of the petting zoo, they seemed pretty happy. After that, I took Jake home and did some housework (finally!) and some work on the computer. It’s starting to look like winter out there, I don’t think we’ll be lucky enough for it to melt again this winter.

Sunday Tracey, Jake, Shelly and Annaleise were all out to help. We got chores done and a new load of hay was brought in for everyone.  We hung out some new salt holders, put salt in them and hung up a few likits, we can’t use them in the summer because of wasps, so why not use them in the winter? Shelly did some reconfiguring to our tack set up and we now have a bar to hang the blankets on. Now the cats won’t be able to knock them off the shelves. We did a lot of cleanup in the garage and put more things in the shed to make room for the two box stalls we want to build in there. We got a new chicken named Penelope dropped off so she is no longer alone and we got fresh straw put in all of the shelters for this little cold snap. Cheyenne got dewormed again, treated with MTG and a new blankie put on. We wanted to try a different dewormer on her as our farrier thinks she looks wormy. We had Felix and Betsy out in the yard having mash and then she decided to have some fun with Shelly. Shelly was trying to catch her and she was having a boot around the front yard bucking, kicking and throwing her head around. She really did look beautiful.

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