August 20, 2023

Monday was a long day! Woke up in the morning and did the chores then headed to Winnipeg to pick up a free rabbit hutch. We got there and it was absolutely perfect, just have to insulate it and add a bit of a heat source. Came home from the city to Jake showing a lovely lady named Pam fosterable horses. She was kind enough to help us unload the rabbit hutch. Once we were done that, we headed off to Woodlands to pick up three quarter horses that were being surrendered. Turns out they are very beautiful and very well cared for, already falling in love with the three of them. Came home and moved Twister and Diego in with Casalsa and Joey to allow these three some space while they get used to their new home. Only one of them is underweight and needs some special care. They will be on hold for the next two weeks while we assess.

Tuesday we got up and did chores and then headed out to Vivian to take Gazelle to her knew home. Gazelle and Kayla are so smitten with each other. There is nothing better in this world than seeing when a horse finds their person and a person finds their horse. After that we came home and got to spend some time with my grand babies. Sophie got to ride her unicorn for the first time, she was so excited and absolutely loved it. We then tried for an hour to find the horses to make it to drill practice, no go. It was just us there with no horses lol Guess we better start trying a little earlier next Tuesday.

Wednesday was a busy day, Dr. Neil was here to lance an abscess on our little Maisy as she had quite the lump on her jaw that wasn’t healing on it’s own. He also removed the drain from little sugar’s belly and it has healed up pretty great. After that, I had a job interview, wish me luck!

Thursday we had Robyn here to trim up the horses we’ll be using for the Children’s Wish Ride. I also had another job interview, hopefully, one of them works out. We also went and picked up a beautiful medicine hat paint named Ghost, he is such a sweetheart, falling in love with that boy pretty quick! Unfortunately, he seems to lose it at a canter so hoping we can figure out what’s going on there. We also had a new donkey come in named Jack, he is an intact male, so he’s in solitary until he gets fixed.

Friday we had a team building event here for one of the teams of the Canadian Forces. They helped us clean up all the shelters in the petting zoo, they also cleaned up the round pen, helped with chores and fixed one of the gates into the pony pasture. After that, I went to Little Mountain Farm to pick up a load of straw.

Saturday we went out to Beaudry farm to show Athena and Sanchez to some lovely ladies from Boisevain. It was nice getting out there and seeing the horses out there, it’s been awhile. After that, we picked up a donation of a bunch of apples from a lady in the city who wanted to make sure they were enjoyed and boy did the animals enjoy them! Also went to Peavey Mart to pick up some feed.

Sunday we made a trip out the Morden to pick up three horses in need of some special care. Two of them are older and will need some special care in the winter, the third one has Heaves and needs to be medicated and his owner is unable to be home with him to give him that care.

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