Welcome Sunny to the Ranch

This is Sunny, the latest addition to The Barefoot Ranch family. Sunny is a 23-year-old Fjord who looks like a plump, fuzzy, lion. He comes to us because his owners were having a hard time keeping him fenced in. They were threatened by neighbors willing to shoot him if he showed up on their property yet again. Sunny is now pasture mates with Primrose and enjoying some special feed that he does not need. He has at this time not removed himself from the confines of the fence. Fingers crossed that that continues.

Why you may ask is Sunny with Primrose now? Where is Leroy you ask? Well, Leroy has fallen in love with Spirit and wishes to be with the rest of the horses leaving Primrose alone. Sunny is helping so Primrose isn’t alone. Unfortunately, I can’t put Primrose in with the other horses yet because she still requires senior feed to put on more weight. The other horses would keep her away from the feed making it impossible to put weight on her. We are hopeful that in the Spring Primrose and Sunny will be able to join the others.