Primrose our Pretty Girl

This is Primrose, she came to us as a rescue in September with Leroy. We believe she is about 30-years-old, which is fairly old for a horse.  We believe she is a quarter horse cross and she is so beautiful.  Primrose came to us very thin and we have been working steadily to put weight on her to help her handle the winter cold.  I do need to take some new pictures of her and post an update on her soon but you can see by the picture here that she has already put on a considerable amount of weight in the past two months.

This is her history as we understand it.  Primrose was used as a children’s horse and spent a few years doing gymkhana with the kids.  Once the children outgrew the sport, she was put out to pasture with the cows, with a halter on (please do not ever do this).  She was left in the pasture with the cows for about 12 years from what we understand.

 When Leroy’s father died, Primrose’s owners offered her as a pasture mate for Leroy.  When they picked her up, they went to remove her halter and it had become so tight on her face, it had indented her actual skull and rubbed the hair off in the middle of her blaze, this scarring and indentation is, unfortunately, permanent. Primrose stayed as a pasture mate to Leroy for several years until this September when her owners reached out to us for help.

When we went to bring Primrose home, it took us three hours to catch her.  She was frightened and unsure of where we were going.  We finally caught her and as soon as that halter was on her she became a different horse.  She loaded into the trailer like a dream.

Primrose has been with us ever since. Up until the snow, she had free grazing of all the grass she could eat.  We have been feeding her soaked oats, beet pulp, hay and alfalfa cubes, and molasses twice a day.  We have also been feeding her a mix of senior feeds for lunch.  As soon as the snow hit we added hay into her diet.  She has put on a considerable amount of weight since we got her and seems to be doing very well. We have grown very attached to her and are invested in giving her the best life for the rest of her life.  She is well-loved here but is still not easily caught.

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