Grunthal Auction

This weekend, Saturday 14th at noon is the Grunthal Horse Auction at Grunthal Auction Mart in Grunthal, Manitoba.  The Barefoot Ranch, Dreamweaver Lane, Blackbird Ranch and The Good Place will all be in attendance.  Our goal is to prevent any horses from being purchased by meat buyers.  Please join us in our efforts by donating …

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The Barefoot Ranch

Build it Up Campaign

Because of YOUR generosity, we’ve rescued 26 horses in the past 8 months and helped facilitate the rescue of two more! Spring is finally coming (fingers crossed, knock on wood and all that jazz) and we have big, big plans and goals from now until the end of September.  Our goals:  Fix the large horse …

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Oh So Many Littles!

Littles here, littles there, littles everywhere!   We have brought in so many littles over the course of the winter with so many owner surrenders.  These little ones were in such need of love and attention and we are so happy to provide it. We are honoured to be the ones that get to help them …

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Tucker the Tank

Seems weird to refer to him as a tank because he is literally the sweetest horse in the world. We went to The Good Place to pick up Dorothy and Richard and there was no way we were leaving without Tucker.  He made himself known to us by nudging us over the stall door, playing …

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Darling Dorothy

Darling Dorothy is the sweetest, shyest girl I have ever met. She came to us with zero history, but it’s safe to assume she was left unhandled her entire life. She is terrified every time I come into the pen and moves as far away from me as possible. She doesn’t trust people and prefers …

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Georgeous Qu’Appelle

This is Qu’Appelle, she came to us as a rescue in December. She is a 14-year-old, untrained registered Arabian mare. She was intended to be a broodmare but was never successfully bred. Her previous owner discovered that she kept infecting herself with fecal matter. She was cleaned out and sewed shut to prevent anyone from …

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