Sherri, Property Owner and President


My name is Sherri Anderson and I am the property owner and President of the Board of Directors for The Barefoot Ranch. I was born and raised in Saskatchewan and have been fortunate enough to be involved with horses in one capacity or another for my entire life.

I moved to the Teulon area in 2012 and have lived here ever since.  In the beginning, we had our own five horses, and the concept of running a horse rescue developed over time.  Please see Our Story for more information on the rescue itself and how it originated. 

I have been working with horses my entire life.  It is very satisfying to me to see a horse that is totally untrusting, do a complete 180 and come to me, allowing me to feed them by hand, or throw my arms around their neck and love them up without any fear whatsoever.  This fills my heart with joy and is my passion and mission in life.  Horses are beautiful, smart and loving and they are so worthy of my investment of time and money.

Since 2012 I have been low-key rescuing horses in the area on my own dime and we have decided to do it on a more official capacity.  I work full-time as a Product Manager for a company called Laivly out of Winnipeg.  I am blessed with the ability to work from home so I am here and able to provide the horses with support as needed.  In addition to this, I work at a local restaurant called FryDays a few days a week to assist with expenses.  I am the mother of three, grown children and the grandma to two sweethearts.  I love my family and the animals that I care for fiercely and am always willing to help a person or animal in need if I can.