Leroy and Primrose

Leroy and Primrose Come Home

Leroy and Primrose
Leroy and Primrose

Today was a day of mixed emotions, full of sad goodbyes for the people that had to let Leroy and Primrose go.  Full of anticipation and happy hellos for myself and my assistant.  It took us two hours to catch Primrose, they are not very used to being handled by people.  We finally got Primrose loaded into the trailer and backed it up to the barn hoping it would help us settle Leroy and catch him as well.  Funny thing, we opened the trailer door and Leroy jumped right in, we never did catch him.

We arrived at The Barefoot Ranch in no time at all.  We opened the horse trailer door and Leroy jumped out. We led Primrose into the pasture and Leroy followed her.  They look pretty happy to be here and seem to be enjoying the grass. They are in their own pasture, separated from the regular crew.  They are testing each other some through the fence, that’s to be expected.

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