Dead Sexy Leroy

This is Leroy, he is a rescue that came to us in September of this year.  He belonged to an elderly couple that were no longer able to properly care for him and were having some trouble securing hay for him for the winter.  Leroy is a descendant of Bold Ruler, which is the sire of Secretariat.  So as cool as it is, it seems that he and Tina are actually related, only four generations ago.  

Leroy was at his previous home from birth and is a registered grade quarter horse. He is so incredibly proud and beautiful.  He holds his head and tail so high when he runs, he is truly a pleasure to watch. 

Leroy came here with Primrose but ended up being put into the large pasture with the other horses after he fell in love with Spirit.  He is now very attached to her and circles her to protect her, it’s very sweet to watch.  Sometimes though, we see him sidling up to Tina.  He has also jumped the fence to get back with Primrose so we have decided that he is a bit of a player and is probably going to give Buddy a run for his money. For now he sits fairly low in the pecking order in the herd but Tina and Buddy seem to be a lot more tolerant of him than the other horses so time will tell how this one plays out.

Leroy does not let me near him with a lead rope, in fact, I never did catch him to get him here, he ended up jumping into the horse trailer with Primrose and just followed her back out of the trailer and into the new pasture.  What a guy!

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