Chaos the Dramatic One

This is Chaos and his name suits him well. He came to us about five years ago as a rescue.  Chaos comes from a home where he was, apparently in the show ring, although we find that somewhat hard to believe.  He decided he no longer wanted to live there and went to the home of a friend of mine.  His original owners were contacted but they weren’t interested in him any longer and my friend was told to “just keep him”.  My friend tried and tried but she was unable to keep him in her fence and he was constantly roaming and needed to be caught.

Chaos came to us and he has been quite an adventure.  He has caused us to have to redo our entire fence but I assure you it is VERY secure now.  He is a bit of a bulldozer and has been known to go right through a fence if the need arises.  We have not had that happen for about a year now … unless or course we let him eat the grass in the yard.  Then he may decide he would like to just be on the other side of the fence and push his way through.

He is quite a character and I rode him into town once for ice cream.  When we got to the intersection of 7 and 17 we crossed the highway and stood on the concrete between the highway and the merge lane.  I was trying to get him to cross the road but he was terrified of the white line.  He was bouncing back and forth with his front legs and I was trying to coax him across.  There were several people in the parking lot of the ice cream place and they must have heard me say come on Chaos.  Pretty soon they were all chanting Chaos, you can do it, come on.  Finally, Chaos lept over the white line and his admirers all started to cheer and clap.  Well, Chaos started to prance and hold his head proudly like he just accomplished the most amazing feet.  It was hilarious.

Chaos has also been extremely dramatic when it comes to hoof trimming time and has literally thrown himself on the ground and been trimmed while laying down because standing was no longer bearable.  He has also passed out in a tree when we tried to tranquilize him to calm him for his trimming.  

Chaos provides us with never-ending adventures and has become another one of my favourites on the ranch.