Soft Sweet Sunny

This is Sunny, he has only been with us a short time as he is the latest rescue at The Barefoot Ranch.  He is a 23-year-old Fjord and is well broke.  Sunny seems to be one of the crowd favorites as we get many comments on how fuzzy and fluffy he is and how much he looks like a lion.

Sunny was alone at his previous home and had become quite an escape artist since his pasture mate passed.  His owner was getting threats that he would be shot or they would have charges pressed if sunny ended up in their yard again.  His owner had to make a very tough decision to do what was best for Sunny.

Picking up Sunny was a very emotional experience, his owner was very sad to see him go despite the fact she knew that it had to be done.  Sunny was easy to catch and loaded into the trailer like a dream.  When we got here he pranced right into the pasture like this has been his home all along.

Sunny is currently keeping Primrose company in the small pasture.  He is eating the same special food we are giving to her even though he really does not need it.  We do not want to leave Primrose alone in the pasture because she is older and slightly weaker than the other horses and we don’t want any coyotes or wolves taking advantage of the situation.  Sunny is big and strong and he is her protector.

Sunny seems to be very sweet, he is easily approached and easily caught.  He is a pleasure to have around and he seems to be quite happy here, we are happy to have him.

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